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The Badlands

Learned a couple things today! Turns out sleeping in a V shape in a hammock doesn’t work the greatest and while you’re sleeping if your body feels like it’s going to fall to the ground you wake up quite startled. 🙂 Nonetheless I slept half of the night in my hammock and the other half in the tent, on the solid ground with mom.

After four hours of travel we arrived in the big bad but beautiful Badlands. Truly surreal after driving through rolling hills and flat plans, out erupts the Badlands in all their beauty, colors, shapes and sizes. They offered many imaginary faces and characters. Truly a mystical and spiritual experience, taking your breath away at times in awe and wonder.

They offered sighting of Big Horned Sheep, Prairie Dogs and tourist of many different languages.

Turning our back on the Badlands we made our way towards Custer State Park. Arriving towards dusk we saw Buffalo, Prong Horns, Coyote, Mule Deer and Wild Turkeys. Later we found out that evenings are one of the best times to view the wildlife so we were very grateful and once again blessed with our timing.

Heading over to Wind Cave National Park, we found ourselves a cozy campsite named Elk Mountain Campground(aka. bunny land) and finally called it a night.

One Comment on “The Badlands”

  1. Annie Kendra

    Incredible photography capturing the beauty of texture, color and expanse of the scenes you were taking in. Wow! And I love the one with your Mom laughing. I can hear her laughing as I see the picture! I also love the contrast of the storm picture with rain and darkness to the right and the sun and blue sky to the left. Cool.



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