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Surprise Historic Town

The day started out nice and cool, 45 degrees to be specific! Still it was sunny and soon warmed up to around 70 degrees.

After pulling out of Wilderness State Park, we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and started our long journey on Highway 2. Along the lakeshore we stopped at different scenic points including Stony Point Lighthouse in the old lumbering town of Manistique (MI). Sunny and breezy, it felt good to get out, stretch and walk the bay boardwalk out to the lighthouse.

Mom wanted to deviate from the route a little so we headed down to the very small town of Fairport located at the very end of a small peninsula east of Escanaba, it offered views of Summer, Little Summer and St. Martin and Hog Islands. Basically this town was full of old rusty trucks, a small marina and a few locals just wondering around. Nothing like a hustling town, I mean I think we saw a total of fifteen houses throughout the entire “town”.

Nonetheless we made our way back towards Highway 2 and pulled into the Fayette Historic State Park. To our surprise this was the historical dwelling of a coal mining town full of structures dated back 150 years or so. You couldn’t see any of them from the parking lot, so we weren’t sure what exactly people were there for, but once we headed down the hill we saw the amazing attraction. Made for some great photos and an enjoyable 2 hours!

Taking off from Fayette Historic State Park, we started making our way to the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. Realizing that we weren’t going to make it there before dark we decided to improvise a little and camp at (I was rather hesitant to stay) the Little Girls County Campground. Turned out to be a beautiful spot and a wonderful night to watch the stars. Still not too sure about the name of the site, but it was enjoyable and worked out great for us.

I am writing this in the morning the next day because we had absolutely no service with the ‘Little Girls’ last night. We are on our way to the Apostle Islands. It’s another fabulous day and I look forward to all that it holds.

6 Comments on “Surprise Historic Town”

  1. Wendy Impelliizzeri

    “Little Girls County Campground”? …. not sure how to comment on that one. Really?

    Great posts … give your Mom a big …. drive safe!

    P.S. Tech thing. I like the font being used on this blog.


  2. Austin

    You should have had some older clothes (more time period) for the front porch picture. Still pretty cool place. Nice photo of the stars!


  3. Arliss

    Are you going to CO with your Mom? How lucky is she to spend such quality time with you!
    Love the photos. Hugs to you both.


    1. Clay Post author

      Mom says it’s the other way around, I’m “lucky” to be spending quality time with her!! 🙂


  4. Annie Kendra

    Thank you for allowing us to experience this journey with you. Your night sky photography is incredible. I wanted to dive into that sea of stars in the night sky! How glorious that must have been for you both to look up and witness such beauty! To think of G-d saying to Abraham to look up and count the stars (if he even could) to know the number of his descendants. It is only a glimpse of the awesomeness of G-d and it humbles us to even look at the expanse of the stars in the sky, doesn’t it?

    I also love the picture of you and your mom on the front porch. I’m so excited for your adventure that lies ahead.
    Grace & Peace be with you both.



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