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Rocky Mountain High!!

As I lay in my hammock last night looking up at the millions of stars, I was able to hear a couple elk calling back and forth to one another. So very peaceful and awesome.

Arising early in the morning, we packed up camp and made our way into the Rocky’s! Simply magnificent! There aren’t too many things in this world that cause you to be speechless, but if I had to name one of them it would be the Rocky Mountains. How do you describe the beauty and awe-someness of a mountain range that stretches before you for miles upon miles? How do you comprehend such height and mass? It gives the word “small” a whole new meaning. The feelings are truly indescribable… I suppose that is where the photos come in and where you can see for yourself the true beauty of G-d’s creation.

Making our way through the pass, we would stop along to take any photos and just get a breather. Seemed like we just kept climbing and climbing in altitude and you started to feel it in your whole body. Finally reaching the top of Alpine Ridge at 12060 ft, we got out and walked to the very peak which was 12310 ft. Over 2 miles above Sea Level, where the air is cool, thin and where you can see for miles upon miles. Where you can turn around 360 degrees and no matter which direction you look, the first word out of your mouth is “wow”. Simply incredible.┬áHere is an excerpt from the National Park map that we thought was very relevant: “To ascend Rocky Mountain National Park’s Trail Ridge Road is to leave this world and enter another.”

Another amazing aspect of these mountains is that everyone is “okay” with everyone else, and that these mountains basically bring people together. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you were to stand next to a complete stranger and exclaim how beautiful the scene before you was, they would agree with you. Whether it be a verbal comment or just a nod of the head, the connection between everyone there is magnified. Basically it is as if everyone is on the same plane, and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. It is how it should be in our normal daily lives.┬áHere is something mom wrote down: G-d’s majestic creation unifies mankind. So true isn’t it!?

Saying our goodbyes to the Rocky’s, we made our way down to Colorado Springs where we are staying with some friends for the rest of the week. Currently I am listening to the rain fall outside my window and a few distant thunder claps. What a way to end the day.

2 Comments on “Rocky Mountain High!!”

  1. Annie Kendra

    The landscape is breathtaking and your shots are beautiful. As if the land isn’t beautiful enough — the clouds add magnificent character and depth to the photographs. Amazing!!!
    I hope when you are in Colorado Springs that you have time to visit the garden of the gods — which I call The Garden of G-d (the One and only) and also Pike’s Peak. I would love to see your photography of these places and your perspective thru your lense. They are both worth the effort to see.


  2. Arliss

    Your photography is stunning, breathtaking, amazing.
    Having such fun following you two on this journey.



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