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Respect for G-d’s Creation

Waking up to watch a beautiful sunrise and thank the L-rd for another great day, we started our day out heading into Custer State Park to explore the land before us.¬†Viewing herds of Buffalo and Prong Horn in their natural habitat produces a sense of awe and satisfaction. Realizing they’re experiencing freedom roaming and grazing where they like and acting as their makeup would have them. We were the visitors in their territory. Truly amazing.

One thing you learn when you’re out in the wild is respect. Respect for the creation that you were placed in, whether it be a 2000 lb animal or a 1000 ft cliff. Although we are the crowning creation, creation itself demands respect, honor and awe.

After seeing many herds and getting some great photos we decided to hightail it out of there and head for the Rocky’s. Upon arriving we were breathless as we traveled through the canyon and into the mountains. Overtaken with a sense of smallness and wonder we made it to the beginning of the National Park where we were blessed with a perfect sunset outlining the Rocky’s. Thankyou L-rd. We have only just seen the beginning of the Rocky’s and we are already awestruck. Did I mention that we saw a black bear on the way through the canyon…what a way to begin. Looking forward to another day tomorrow and what it’ll hold.


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