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Into the wilderness!

The day started off perfect! Sunny with a few clouds passing over us and nothing but open road before us. Well that soon changed and we drove through on-and-off rain for most of the morning. None the less, the contrast between the clouds and the scenery around us was beautiful. We made it up to Harbor Springs (MI) and onto the 22 mile long Tunnel of Trees. Simply beautiful. Already planning to come up during the fall and tour the area when all the trees change color.

Coming out of the incredible Tunnel of Trees we made quick time and were in the Wilderness State Park within minutes. After touring around the park for 20-30 minutes we decided we better find us a campsite. (Here’s the fun part!!) As I was in the office registering for a campsite, in walks Mr. Martin! After being pleasantly surprised we both walked out to the cars and learned that they were camping just down the way from us. The Martins told us to join them for a campfire to which we were very grateful. What a wonderful surprise!

So campfire it was and also a fiery sunset! Couldn’t of asked for a better first night! Being able to spend the evening with friends was such a blessing and really it was all orchestrated by our Heavenly Father. If we had been two minutes earlier or later at the office or if they had been there earlier, none of that would of happened. We wouldn’t of even known each other were even there! Pretty incredible to think about and humbling if you ask me. His ways are awe inspiring and WAY above us. Amazing to think that we are only seeing a small portion of the big picture. You just never know what might lay right around the corner… I guess it’s a good way to keep us on our toes! 🙂

One day down and already it has been a whole new adventure. Thankful for this day and also looking forward to what lies ahead. Onward!


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