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Hidden Beauty

This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a perfect 70 degree day. We made quick work of our camp, which was a huge job considering we had to tear down one hammock and……..well I guess that was all. 🙂 Saying our goodbyes to the ‘Little Girls'(campground) we headed to Ironwood (MI) for some good morning grub. Finding some “good” grub was harder than we thought and we ended up moving onto the next town in hopes of better choices or rather better looking places. Fortunately we found a nice Cafe located in downtown Hurley (WI), about two minutes outside of Ironwood and just over the border. 🙂

Sitting down for a couple omelettes and some good hometown coffee, we picked up some information about the area and different waterfalls that were on the way to the Apostle Islands. Promptly we proceeded to Peterson Falls which proved powerful followed by Potatoe Falls which really packed a punch with a ninety foot drop. Unfortunately we realized kayaks were a must, or some kind of watercraft to enjoy the islands, so we could only see them from a distance. We did treat ourselves to the sought after ‘wine bread’ from the Candy Shoppe in Bayview, WI. Truly memorable. The sweetness is still lingering.

Superior is truly superior bordering so much territory and offering so much variety. Settling in for the night in Two Harbors, MN. we found ourselves nestled in Agate Bay. Incredible boulders and rock formations line the shores and they are easily accessible. As we awoke to the sun rising we now close the day with the setting sun over the dry docks at Agate Bay. Ready to hit the sack for the night and looking forward to tomorrow!

Just a side note: As we have been traveling we have been noticing how much good there really is in the world. People are out there doing good deeds and truly looking out for others. In today’s society we are always reading about so much bad in the world. We never hear about the good and it is so refreshing to see people caring for their neighbor as they would like to be cared for themselves. We’re witnessing a different perspective…

2 Comments on “Hidden Beauty”

  1. Sarah Grace


    Loving your blog! Your pictures are growing in beauty and incredible perspective! And also your writing – so heart-felt and makes me feel a part. Some people don’t have the gift of writing well and communicating in a way that draws you in – but you have that!

    As I’m taking pictures to document our vacation, I keep hearing your voice in my head saying “perspective.” Of course there are lots of times I’m just quickly grabbing a picture simply because Ziah is smiling – but I have been having fun with some Nature shots.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and life through this blog! I love feeling a part of the journey in a small way. You are simply incredible and I’m so proud of you (and Mom! Hi Mom!). Lots of love to both of you!!!!

    Ps. I found the letter you wrote me a few months back tucked away in my Chumash. You are such a treasure. Brought tears to my eyes again. Thanks for always bringing the good out in others.



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