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G-d’s Garden

Woke up this morning to the sounds of Colorado Springs city life and a wonderful view of the 14000+ ft Pikes Peak mountain, which had a dusting of snow blanketing it.

We made our way over to the Garden of the gods which was only about 20 minutes away from where we’re staying. We had to laugh as we enter the park the sign displaying “The Garden of Gods” was inscribed on two stone tablets, ha. We spent well over 2 hours at the park just taking in all of the beauty. Amazing the differences each rock and formation and how one rock can have so many different aspects to it just when you change your perspective. Reminds me so much of the Bible: each passage you read can mean something different if you just change your perspective. Amazing what you can learn from viewing rock formations.

I don’t know if it’s just us or if everyone does this, but no matter where we are and what we are looking at we always look for faces or shapes. Today we spotted so many faces and animal shapes in the rock formations. So, I guess I would say at this point, “Lets just face it, these formations totally rock!” ­čÖé

A storm rolled in afternoon-ish so we headed back to the vehicle to grab our rain gear. We decided to find a spot that was at a higher elevation trying to capture some of the lightning, but it ended up being too rainy besides, by the time we reached an ideal location the main part of the storm had already passed. Maybe next time.

The rest of the day it rained off-and-on so we went into Manitou Springs and walked downtown to see all the little shops. Mom said it felt like an old hippie town.  There were so many streets and houses stacked upon each other as you crept through the town. We would be driving up and up until the streets would just end quite abruptly without warning. At the end of one was the Cog Railroad which travels up to Pikes Peak. Made it quite interesting figuring out how to navigate through the historic village.

After grabbing a little something to eat back in Colorado Springs, we headed up to Palmer Park and were able to capture some night shots of the city with Pikes Peak in the background. Was a bit cold and rainy but also fun to get a birds eye view of the city lights.

2 Comments on “G-d’s Garden”

  1. Annie Kendra

    My day is made. Love, love, love the pics of G-d’s Garden. Wish I could have been with Deb in Manitou Springs to enjoy the hippie vibes. Great spots for healthy food there too.
    Can’t wait to get a peek at your Pike’s Peak pics once you take that adventure!



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