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From one “Friend” to Another

Did you know that Dakota means Friend!? We may not have been in either of the Dakota’s last night, but I did have a “friend” visit me early in the morning. He came with several of his buddies for a quick snack on some leftovers and anything else we had to offer. I quickly let him know we had nothing and to tell his black masked friends to keep moving on. They were a little persistent on staying ’cause I guess eating gets tough in that part of the country, but after awhile they scurried off. T’was a quick visit but I didn’t mind.

We had arrived at Maple Wood Campground MN. later in the evening last night and after looking over most of the sites we decided that we’d just register in the morning. We were contemplating whether to register at all ’cause there was practically no one camping there. As the evening went on we decided that we should do the right thing and register. As we were driving out, we did so feeling good about being honest and true. Later on in the morning when we entered South Dakota we stopped at a rest stop, picked up some state information and found our reward for honesty. Come to find out, this weekend only, camping is free at any of the National Parks in S.D. because they are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Coincidence? I think not… Immediately our minds went to our decision to do the right thing and pay for our use of the campground we were just at…there is always a blessing for doing the right thing!

After calling in a registration for the campsite we are currently at tonight and deciding which route to take, we were on the road again. Driving through flat, hilly and some more flat country we finally made it to our destination which was Palisades State Park. Upon arriving we were happy to see we had ourselves a cozy campsite, the only problem was that the two trees that the ranger had told us were on the site while we were registering for it, were 30 ft apart. Slightly too far for me to string my hammock up in… So tonight I am trying something new and will be sleeping in the shape of a V. With one side of my hammock attached to the the tree, and the other to a (hopefully) sturdy branch extended from said tree. Who knows, it may be the best thing since “sliced bread”?! or not. 🙂

After setting up camp, we headed for the trail leading to the King and Queen rock of the Palisades. Amazing rock sculptures full of wonder! The artist? The One and only One who created all of this. Even a balancing rock, rather boulder. Then we proceeded up stream to Devils Gulch where Jesse James, accompanied by his horse leapt a 30 ft. gorge escaping from a posse after robbing the Northland Bank.

Sioux Falls offered cascading falls full of dips and drops. An enormous amount of waterflow settling into a flowing Sioux River 1000 to 1500 ft below. Talk about unbridled being channeled, simply amazing. The thought of water being a liquid, yet altering the surface of such a hard surface provokes thoughts of how our heavenly Father can soften our hardened hearts miraculously as well.

Back at the campsite, after a stop at the ice cream shop, we are relaxing around a campfire.

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