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Above the Rainbow

Today was another laid back day! Didn’t get out of the house until 12ish and then went shopping for some food for the day as well as for tomorrow. Getting tired of all the Labor Day weekend traffic we decided to be adventurous and head up a dirt road called Old Stage Coach. You could access the road just by heading outside the city a couple miles, but as soon as you were on it, you felt like you were in the middle of nowhere. Curves, steep embankments, narrow and winding up into the mountains, it was truly a neat experience. For me that is, mom on the other had was…well let’s just say she was learning to face her fears. I told her that it was a good thing to do, she responded wondering why it had to be all of her fears and none of mine.

Needless to say we made slow progress up the road, dodging holes, washouts and the few other cars that were on the road. Arriving to a nice lookout of the canyon as well as a beautiful view of Colorado Springs, we pulled off to capture a few shots. It was sunny as we were traveling up the road but as we neared the top, clouds formed and it started raining while we were up there. We considered just heading back down the road but held off since it looked like the rain was not going to last. Sure enough it past us, traveling into the canyon allowing the sun to hit us again and we were blessed to see the beautiful site of a rainbow in the canyon. The coolest aspect of it though was that we were above the rainbow in elevation! How many times have you ever been ABOVE a rainbow! Pretty cool if I say so myself.

Making our way back down towards the city, pushing through all of the traffic downtown, getting frustrated at all of the tourist’s (yes I am one but don’t qualify myself in the crazy tourist driving category 🙂 ) and being glad we don’t deal with that craziness everyday, we finally made it to the vista above Garden of the gods where we watched the sunset over the mountains. Ushering in a new day and saying goodbye to another, we witnessed a beautiful sunset and a perfect way to start another day.

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