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A Day Off

Notice the face in that boulder? They are everywhere.

Today we hit the trail later and were equipped with our rain gear, so, of course, we experienced no rain. Helen Hunt Falls was a nice short hike, although we spent almost four hours sketching, hiking and just taking in all the scenery. Entering and returning through Cheyenne Canyon with mountains rising all around we felt like we were part of the waterway winding in and out through the curves. It’s not a motorcycle but the sunroof definitely heightened our adventure, if you know what I mean. Trails galore. We are in hiker heaven.

We slowed the pace down today and really took time to breathe in all the sights, smells and wonder. Today was a ‘pinch me day’, really connecting and realizing the reality and blessing of this great opportunity. All our acquaintances on the trails can’t help but share their elation and joy.

Closing our day we jaunted over to ‘Pulpit Rock’. You guessed it, named for it’s shape. We headed up the trail but along the way we separated. I took the short cuts and mom took the gradual incline path. I never saw her again until I reached the summit and she was still going around evidently on a horse trail leading to more horse trails. I motioned to her which way to go and I climbed down a section of the face, which was quite enjoyable. Once we met up and started our descent she began telling me how the grasshoppers were sounding a little like rattles, causing her to be a bit on edge. Then all of a sudden she let out a yelp, grabbed and pulled me back. ย None other than a rattlesnake at the base of the pulpit! She insists she saved my life. I let her know the only reason we were on that path is because she didn’t follow me in the first place. We had a good laugh.

3 Comments on “A Day Off”

  1. Sarah Grace

    Amazing shots! Just saying though – unless CO skips August 31 and goes straight to September, you’re a day ahead of yourself. Don’t rush home too soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Debi Raterink

    There are many faces in the Mts. Old and new past and present the world is filled with the many people who have lived on this earth, the boulders are just a reminder to us that they have lived.



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